Before we begin, it’s great we all have an understanding of what aphrodisiacs are, and pretty much understand what they do.

The word “aphrodisiac” originates from Greek and has to do with the goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality, Aphrodite.

They come in different forms, either as food, drinks, or scents and their primary goal is to affect libido and get people in the right mood for romance and sexual activities.

For the purpose of this post, I’ll be focusing on peculiar smells that have been proven to be used for their positive effect on sexual attraction in the history of mankind.

For centuries, sensuality has recurred in perfumery, from Cleopatra filling her ship with rose petals and bathing deep in special spice oils before meeting Mark Anthony.

Science has proven that certain scents set a tone that aids sexual arousal, and when used as body perfumes, mists, or scent in space, it increases the user’s attractiveness.

Quite often, when we look within, most people in relationships are drawn to their partner’s scent.

Despite the lingering skepticism around the use of aphrodisiacs, studies show a number of aromas, which can be easily incorporated into your fragrance routine.

Below are some personal favourites grouped according to their scent types.


 Vanilla:  A Study that used male Wistar rats, proved a 200 mg dose of vanillin poses aphrodisiac properties. Although this may be surprising to some, vanilla scents have been proven to increase male arousal by about nine percent, making it pretty potent if you ask me.

Strawberry: The sweet scent of strawberry is believed to have increased arousal in people who were told to smell it during the latest research on effects of scents, and while most scientists would argue it happened as a result of the placebo effect, these same results have not been reported to occur when individuals sniff other fruits, suggesting perhaps the smell of strawberry may have an actual effect on the body.

 Pink grapefruit: Ordinarily pink grapefruits cannot be called actual aphrodisiacs, but since Studies show that women who wear the scent of pink grapefruit are perceived to be six years younger on average,  making them more attractive to men.

Orange: The citrus scent from orange has been proven to increase blood flow to the sexual organs, it also increases alertness, making people more sensitive to the stimuli around them.


bunch of flowersJasmine: This rich sweet smell has been used for centuries to improve libido and promote intimacy, making it one of the more popular aphrodisiac scents. A test on several men and women on fragrances for aphrodisiac properties found the aroma of Jasmine a “winning blend”.

Rose: The floral scent of rose till date is one of the most popular in the world and has been used throughout time for medicinal reasons, and in some parts of the world to fight depression.

Ayurvedic practitioners believe it also helps regulate the nervous system, making people more responsive to touch.


tree barkSandalwood: Popularly used in eastern Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Sandalwood has been touted for years as an aphrodisiac, but now with scientific backing showing it elevates human pulse and exhibits antidepressant and relaxing qualities, it is now more than ever confirmed to be a great aphrodisiac.

Believe it or not, everyday men and women spray peculiar perfumes on themselves before meeting their lovers for the sole purpose of increasing their attractiveness, and now more than ever scents like those on my list are used to set the mood for romance.

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