Eyes may be the windows to your soul, but your signature fragrance may be the key to everything else.

Several years of research have shown that your perfume choice tells a whole lot about your personality. One of the greatest implications with these findings is that with a simple whiff of a person’s perfume you can instantly know more about them, which is advantageous in cases like if you have a big date coming and you try to figure out what your date might like.

Based on research by Dr. Alan R. Hirsch, MD, founder of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation who administered personality tests to 18,631 people and compared the results to the participants’ aroma and flavour preferences, here are the perfume-personality you are most likely going to find.


Coconut fragrance lovers are usually the easiest to spot because they are known to be stylish.

Asides from being snappy dressers, they are also usually found in positions of leadership and often sensitive about criticism.

According to Dr. Hirsch, Coconut wearers enjoy the finer things in life, like our Abela Igi Òpe fragrance, which means they often have a closet full of designer labels.






If you have a friend or friends who love lavender-scented perfumes or uses lavender scented products like our wardrobe sachets. You’re in luck because lavender lovers are considered easy to be around, making them awesome friends.

Also, according to research people who love this fragrance are often sexually reserved, so if you have a friend or someone you’re seeing that loves the scent of lavender you probably shouldn’t get into erotic discussions around them.

Dr. Hirsch during his research found that persons in this group value friendship and they tend to work well in groups.



Contrary to perceived opinions, most fruit scent lovers rather than being as sweet as the kind of scents they like, have been found to be often irritable and cranky.

So people who are in love with fragrances like our lemon eucalyptus potpourri oils may have a pessimistic view on life, and are often sarcastic and amused by cynical humour.






Are you constantly drawn to sandalwood scents like some fragrances in our Rustic Africa perfume candle collection?

If yes, there’s a huge chance you’re a perfectionist, which although it can be a difficult character to posses it has made the high archiver you are today.

“Sandalwood lovers tend to have high expectations for themselves and others. They’re very self-critical, easily offended by physical remarks, and can misinterpret what others say about them,” Dr. Hirsch highlighted in his research document.


Has anyone ever called you a wildflower?

This is pretty much the embodiment of Jasmine and floral aficionados, who are often fans of our Aromatherapy candles and Ina Ife home fragrances.

According to Dr. Hirsch, individuals who love jasmine fragrances often crave novelty and enjoy new and exciting adventures.

They’re almost always in the company of party-goers and love being outdoors.

Meanwhile rose lovers are introspective and sensitive to the needs of others. According to Dr. Hirsch, they always weigh all their options before making a decision.



If you are always taking all the last-minute decisions or taking charge in complicated situations, you are most likely a citrus lover.

Individuals who love citrus fragrances are often strong-minded, ambitious and natural leaders.



I’m pretty sure some of you reached this point and are wondering how the scents you like fall into this groups find out the notes of the fragrances put together to make some of your favourites smells, so you can check it out and double back to this article

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