For years researchers have conducted numerous studies, which proved that our olfactory sense contributes a lot more than just helping us smell.

Along with a couple of new fitness tools to aid weight loss, experts have proven that your nose and what you perceive from essential oil blends, diffused scents or candles during your journey can be one of your biggest allies in achieving your fitness goals.

Now before we get into the details, note that scents do not magically make fat disappear, you have to use a routine that works for you, now with that being said, let’s get into a little science.

When fat is burned in the body, it is converted into gas and water, so if after a series of rigorous workout sessions you lose weight, a reasonable percentage of the total fat you burned is released out through your lungs as gas, Amazing right?

I’m pretty sure the question on your mind is, ‘how does this affect my weight or weight-loss in general?

For starters, constant breathing exercise is a great way to shed fat, and what you smell pretty much dictates how well these exercises go.

Also, sweet aromatic smells have been proven to curb appetite, because the human olfactory bulb is connected to the part of our brain that tells our body when we’ve eaten, it’s commonly known as the satiety centre of the brain.

Scents from citrus candles or products with fruity undertones are few scents that may have an effect on hunger and appetite by reducing your appetite because of the wiring of our brain which often translates gourmand scents as actual satisfaction gotten from food.

Quite often, struggles related to weight-loss are connected to our emotional wellbeing, for example, four years in college, the stress juggling paramedic studies caused me to stress eat and in the long run an imbalance in my weight.

Tapping into the power scents have on emotions helped me work through that phase in my life.

If you happen to be like me, figure out scents that excite you, and release them the period you tend to binge eat.

Executive director and founder to the New York Institute of Aromatherapy, Amy Galper also believes perceiving lemon oil stimulates the digestive system and boosts metabolism.

Finally, aromatherapy experts believe scents with lavender undertones help you breathe deeper, which brings us back to our science fact that a huge portion of fat metabolized in the body is transported out through the lungs.

Remember that to actually shed fat, you’ll need adequate diet and exercise, but deep breathing is a healthy habit that helps the process.

When you breathe easier, your mind is calmer, allowing you to make a much better mind-body connection.

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